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Be a part of a winning team and make an impact!

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Based in Shenzhen China, Interlining Source (IS) is an export office affiliated to Taizhou One-Brand Non Woven Co., Ltd (OB), which is a manufacturer for various types of woven interlining, non-woven interlining and fusible interlining. We are looking forward to an impact made by you!

Business we focus
We belong to communities of practice that are specialized in interlining manufacturing and sourcing service providing, and mainly focusing on:

  1. Interlining Manufacturing Innovation
  2. Interlining Sourcing Delivery
  3. Global Supply Chain Process Operations
  4. Global Supply Chain Analysis

Values we share
ISers around the world are connected through core values that help drive our actions as a company:

  1. Dedication to meeting every client's needs and satisfaction
  2. Innovation in products and services improvement
  3. Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

Opportunities we offer
As an IS member, you'll also be an OBer-part of an experienced interlining manufacturer and sourcing solution provider that continues to be recognized throughout the world. Our vision and believes open doors for you to make an impact.

So-Be part of a winning team and fast-forward your career at the same time.

Current Recruiting Positions:

  1. International Sales Representative (ISR)
    Job ID: ISR2010GL08
    Department: Global Sales Team

  1. Customer Service Representative (CSR)
    Job ID: CSR2010CN12
    Department: Global Customer Service Team

  1. Key Account Manager (KAM)
    Job ID: KAM2010CN25
    Department: Customer Business Development Team

For applicants please send your resume to recruitment@interliningsource.com with your interested job ID in the email title.